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  •  I can't agree with the sheepdog characterization (2+ / 0-)
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    jarbyus, Nannyberry

    In that a sheepdog-is inherently a virtuous character. However, a perusal of human history will show that uniformed soldiers inflict just as much suffering, if not more, than the supposed wolves. Frequently this is inflicted on the very same population that they are ostensibly guarding. I prefer to think of the military as a crazed pitbull that you keep chained up in the backyard. You only unleash it when you have to- namely, to fight off other crazed pitbulls. Once unleashed it tends to do a whole lot of mayhem- some intended, some not.  In a functional country with a strong civil society, you could chain the dog back up when the job is done. In a dysfunctinal society, that dog will never get back into his doghouse once he's out, and the end result is a military dictatorship, which we have way too many examples of in this world.

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