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View Diary: Why Now is the Time to End the Social Security Tax Loophole (87 comments)

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  •  Roger, I would also prefer the raise the minimum (1+ / 0-)
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    Roger Fox

    wage/create jobs option, I just don't see it happening in this Congress.  I must admit that removing the cap is also somewhat unlikely at this point.  Especially since neither thing is being even considered or discussed.

    It seems that the debate has all been centered around how to cut things in the most acceptable way.  As a person who receives SSDI and Medicare as my primary source of income/medical care, no reduction is acceptable.  Current levels of benefits are barely enough to live on.  The COLA increase this year wasn't even enough to cover increases in the copays for my medications and utilities, not to mention food prices.

    I worked and contributed to the program for more than twenty years, before applying for benefits and I don't consider them entitlements, but a social insurance program that is there for those in need.  If it is somehow converted to a voucher or "welfare" program, I fear that it will inevitably cut and the must vulnerable will suffer.

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