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View Diary: No gun filibustering senator wants to talk about it (45 comments)

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  •  Cowards. The kids and families of Newtown and (12+ / 0-)

    all the others affected by gun violence have 1000 times the courage of this gun lobby shills.

    •  I truly cannot (2+ / 0-)
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      buffie, bobatkinson

      stand reading posts by gun-lovers who say, "I'm really sorry for their losses BUT that should not mean the end of my ability to walk into a gun show and buy as many AK47s and as many 100 round clips as I want with no background check so I can pretend I'm Rambo prepping for the zombie apocalypse because hey criminals will always have guns so it's only fair that I should never have to submit to a background check because Hitler took the jews guns away and also Thomas Jefferson said we should shoot the government!"

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