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  •  sometimes a cartoon isn't meant to be funny (1+ / 0-)
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    I appreciate the critics in the thread... and sorry this one didn't have the punchline some desired. I do four cartoons a week or so and each one works (or sometimes doesn't work) in different ways.

    I have to say sometimes the simple ones seem to have the biggest effect and reach more people.  It's possible to get too clever and too satirical and maybe that works for you sophisticates on the DK but for the general audience those often don't work.

    On the actual politics of this one, yes it oversimplifies -- it's a cartoon.  But the basic point I think is totally fair.  If we just do what we've always done then our future will certainly by a lot browner and hotter.  Keystone is clearly a case of taking that path.

    Proactive governments can do a lot more.  Thanks to a very aggressive move by the government in Germany they have a remarkable transit system, photovoltaics on nearly every home and are well on their way to that greener future.  If the money we've spent on our oil wars had been used to something like that here we'd have a way greener and healthier economy here.

    That said, I promise to try and be funnier for you all--- I agree, funnier is certainly better.

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