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View Diary: Mike Huckabee Really Hates Democracy, Threatens Mass Exodus of Evangelicals from GOP (167 comments)

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    our constitutional system isn't theocratic, it's a secular system of governance founded on law and civil and human rights. A representational republic that in theory is supposed to represent the nations interests and common good. It was constructed of laws, checks and balances, and separation of powers  that protect our inalienable rights and these rights do not include the right to have our 'representatives' impose theocracy as the law of the land. Cultural and religious beliefs of regions, or people and entities like fundamentalist religions do not trump the basic concepts and laws that our representatives must function under.  


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      is the province of the courts.  The SC says "what the law is" with regard to the constitution.  Although I believe a representative should promote the values s/he espoused as a candidate, there is nothing in our system that prevents them from changing their minds.  It is not unconstitutional to do so.

      Although I agree with your underlying position, determining the proper function of government on the basis of a proponent's political beliefs is not, IMO, healthy for a democratic form of government.  I have long thought that Huckabee is one of the most dangerous republicans (esp because of his regular guy persona), there is nothing offensive or undemocratic about the quoted passages.  There are issues about which all of us believe our representatives should set a standard when that standard contravenes public sentiment.  Reject the issues Huckabee identifies for "thermostat" status?  Of course.  But the principal he puts forth is a longstanding part of the American system (if not of all governments).

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