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View Diary: Mike Huckabee Really Hates Democracy, Threatens Mass Exodus of Evangelicals from GOP (167 comments)

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    When Huckabee talks about an absolute standard, what he holds sacred is a written law that is carved in stone, in no wise flexible, subject to amendment or interpretation.

    He considers judges to be acting as competent administrators only when taking the original intent of what he views as the one and only sovereign standard of what is right and proper.

    The only written law he accepts is about 3500 years old and comes out of a tradition in which gods were essentially platonic ideals and kings were expected to be their personification.

    Put aside for the moment that the first time these laws were written down they weren't written in English.

    Ignore for the moment that as the various books which collect the writings were translated from ancient wisdom literature written in a variety of AfroAsiatic, Semitic and Indo European languages the meanings of the words they used have subtly shifted.

    Forget about the various glosses which overwrote earlier simpler statements

    Just the process of selecting what to include in the collection affected what we now read.

    Archaeologists know that in the ancient Near East the celebration or worship of gods and kings and the divine rights they personified involved carving an image of the god in stone, housing the stone in an ark and placing the ark in a sanctuary.

    That applied to everything from boundary markers or kuderu marking property divisions and treaties to marriage contracts, inheritances and how much to tip the priests who performed the rituals memorializing the agreements.

    As regards the doing of what is right and proper which is the essence of this law there is apparently now a failure to communicate.

    Philosophically Huckabee is looking for a Real Standard in the sense of a Platonic Ideal, a Supreme Being of The Law which is and was and will be what it is; unchanging and absolute.

    That Real Standard might be Real but by the definition of the Philosophy which creates it things which are real don't exist because everything which exists is constantly changing and Becoming different if simply by growing older.

    It is the Becoming different and not the Being of the Law which our society addresses with Democracy.

    The precedent for a community building a consensus to be law abiding is as old as the Bible, but as the communities attitudes and values change over time so does the consensus and that is where the standard of competence for judges is tested.

    Whenever a community agrees to draft into its laws attitudes and values  that reflect the norms, mores and conventions of the majority of the community, puts them in writing and uses that as the basis of a new covenant in which the written law is to be considered sacred and sovereign that ought to be respected as following precedent.

    Just as with the story told in the first five books of the Bible known as the Penteteuch we have a community that has built a consensus to be law abiding, drafted laws that reflected the attitudes and values, norms, mores and conventions of their community, put them in writing and used that as the basis of a new religion which is to be sovereign because its the view of the majority and that's how Democracy and The Law works.

    Looking back to Huckabees standard Outlaws who refused to join the consensus were put under the ban. Huckabee is telling the GOP that if they won't join the consensus to be law abiding according to the law he worships then they will be put under the ban. Maybe that shouid apply to him as well.

    Huckabee doesn't get it that the process of drafting a standard and the consensus building for a law abiding community, the very things he holds sacred have been renewed and reinvigorated by marriage equality, gay rights and a woman's right to choose and his rigidity now marks him as not of the body and under the ban.

    Live Free or Die --- Investigate, Incarcerate

    by rktect on Wed Mar 27, 2013 at 03:26:54 AM PDT

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