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    Practically speaking, you may have to drive a ways to find a gun store in a rural area, but that is only because concentrations of people sufficient to support a gun store are not as close. In my opinion, the "record-keeping" FFL you propose would not make all that much difference in rural areas, but you never know. The local barbershop might become a record-keeper FFL, but only if the town doesn't have a gun shop.

    From an administrative/bureacratic standpoint, the ATF does absolutely minimal inspection of FFL records as it is (Republican objections to funding, etc.), and adding another class of FFL's to the mix, I dunno.

    I agree that the "gun dealer posing as a private seller at gun shows" is a loophole that should be closed. Doing so can be done without making actual private sellers feel like they are on the wrong side of the law, and having someone available to do background checks for "guy selling one hunting rifle out of his trunk in the parking lot during the gun show" is perfectly reasonable (and something I would use).

    Fo "private transfers to people who cannot own firearms" we have:

    • dealers masquerading as private sellers
    • straw purchases
    • "I don't care who buys it" private sales
    • friend/family transfers

    Laws to fix a gun show loophole deal with the first. I believe the second is already a crime.

    The third and fourth are the tricky ones. We don't want felons buying guns off Craigslist, but if the seller does not care, then making it illegal is probably not going to do anything, and it does move towards stigmatizing the fourth group.

    Something I've suggested is a way for any private seller to do a background check. Like taking your limited FFL idea and making it universal. I could call up a number and get a "yes, that guy can own a gun" result, write down some sort of confirmation number for my records, and if that gun is ever used in a crime and the police trace it back to me, I can say "here's the transaction number, this is the guy I sold it to."

    This lets me be a conscientious gun owner and seller, and can help law enforcement if that gun is used in a crime, and demonstrates that I acted in good faith when I sold the gun in case there is a question of liability. So, I'm being a good guy and covering my ass, what's not to like?

    That's just an outline, I'm sure it has flaws too, but it might have elements worth considering.

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