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  •  Is it all exercise, or some dieting? (4+ / 0-)

    I exercise, but not enough, I don't think.  But I also don't diet at all, and I just love chocolate, and I love ice cream, and I love beer (and not any of that lite stuff, I mean serious beer).

    •  It's both. (2+ / 0-)

      Since I can't be trusted when I cook (fat tastes good!) I have been eating frozen meals at lunchtime on weekdays. Not all low fat, but all are under 425 calories, and I've been doing the same for dinner if I am too lazy to cook when I get home.

      But I still eat really fatty breakfasts on weekends, and I have my almost daily 2 squares of the Trader Joe's dark chocolate caramel sea salt bar. And wine, must not forget wine!

      Someone feeling wronged is like someone feeling thirsty. Don’t tell them they aren’t. Sit with them and have a drink. - Lemony Snicket

      by Floja Roja on Wed Mar 27, 2013 at 02:58:25 PM PDT

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      •  OK, that dark chocolate caramel sea salt (1+ / 0-)
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        belinda ridgewood

        bar got my attention.  One of the best Haagen Dazs flavors was fleur de sel, which is pretty much that candy bar buried in ice cream.  Haven't seen it in a while, but I haven't been grocery shopping in a while.  Probably a good thing.

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