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  •  Only knew one set of grandparents (15+ / 0-)

    I only knew my mother's parents because my father's entire family were Holocaust victims.  He was the only survivor.  There were a few very distant relatives (an aunt of his who I met on a trip to Israel), a second or third cousin I believe *who lived in Paris) and an uncle (who was the one who sponsored my dad to immigrate to the US).

    On my mom's side, I had grandparents and numerous great aunts and great uncles.  I grew up in California and they lived in NY.  We enjoyed our few visits with them and I even got to spend a month at their house one summer along with my sister and cousins.  We spent our days at Coney Island playing on the beach and in the sand.  Made our own sand skee-ball which I had never known about before visiting with my cousins.  My grandmother was a very frugal woman.  She had saved for her funeral expenses.  I remember her for her tremendous vegetable garden and love of roses (she was frustrated by the NY winters and loved coming to visit us in California to see all our roses).  My grandmother died the day I finished my last grad school exam (she always tried to be accommodating).  My grandfather who was a butcher in Germany before immigrating to the US and, unable to get into the union, became a baker.  He was fabulous at baking bread and had these enormous hands from kneading and working with dough.  He lived on many years after the passing of my grandmother.

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