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  •  It's the stories that facinate me and the.. (7+ / 0-)

    ..connections discovered.
     I don't know much about my ancesters except that my mother told us she was descendant from Winston Churchill. She admitted that it could be a story she heard because she also said it was what she learned from her mother but never chased it down for confirmation.

    I know there are no diaries, no documents, no hazy memories of some long-lost relative with a new tale to tell. One can have an extensive collection of firsthand stories about the family learned as oral history from parents and grandparents, an insight into how they thought and what about.
    But in a recent diary by Ojibwa I learned of a connection to James Hill and the Glacier National Park. James, who it turns out is the great grandfather of Maud Hill Scroll.
    I worked as a caretaker/carpenter for her and her son Chris and Suzie Schroll and their half brother and sister Larry and Sheila Dorcy.
    I did a remodel at Sugar Bowl California, a ski resort started with Maud's Second husband, Hannes Scroll and Walt Disney, where I dug into some history books on the Family,the Great Northern Railway, and what James Hill did to make money - some good innovations - and some very bad.
    But the fascinating part was hearing stories from a Russian perspective from Vasilli Romanov and his wife Natasha (Prince & Princess).
    Mrs Schroll invited them to stay in Woodside when their family was murdered in Russia. The stories he would tell when I went to fix something at their house on the property:: "Roosevelt was a PIG Fucker" he would yell. "He ruined Saint Petersburg" (before it was called Moscow), and many more sories over the years.
    Sometimes I thought he called for me to fix stuff just so he could reminisce?, rant actually. He was a major drinker but even so, had a kind of knowledge about US to Russian relations that could only come from someone in his position.

    So, guess it'll have to be mostly stories from people that i learn about just like what happened here with Ojibwa's diary. I'll keep searching though.

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