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    Freelance Escapologist

    I can't agree with your claim that "the rights and wrongs of what happened next are almost entirely sure (maybe you meant "due") to the subsequent lack of involvement afterwards," but thanks for taking the issue seriously enough to clarify what you meant.

    But when NATO bombs e.g. the Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Factory at Brega, and calls it a "military storage facility," did anybody anywhere really believe that NATO or the USA would rebuild this critical infrastructure?

    NATO began targeting critical infrastructure in Libya in the middle of May 2011, and that isn't speculation from some beyond-the-fringe website, it's out of the mouth of Chief of the Defence Staff General David Richards.

    We devastated the whole goddamned country, and for what?

    To support a radical Islamist insurgency and create a failed state where Libya was previously ranked higher on the Human Development Index than any other African nation.

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      (and thanks for the typo catch -    I think my smart phone is sabotaging me).

      Again, I dispute what you feel the NATO involvement here was meant to acheive. Critical infrastructure is apolitical; that bridge that can allow aid to be transported to the poorest areas also allows the dictator to move troops in and out with ease. Infrastructure was destroyed by both sides, and there was no way that the rebels could have defeated the regime without infrastructure-based attacks. NATO faced the same problems here as in any other civil wars they've been involved in (cf. Yugoslavia) - namely minimizing civilian casualties (a near-impossibility in these cases) while still achieving their goals.

      The only possible way out of it would have been to do nothing, which, yes, we could have done... but i'm not sure that would have been the right call.

      I still don't think the ”Republican objection” point in your diary stands scrutiny. The reasons for their objections are at least as important as the objections themselves, and you can be damned sure they were not over humanitarian concerns.

      Yes, the fact remains we decimated the country, but what exactly would the alternative have been? The Libyan uprising was (and is) a very different situation from other popular military actions of the recent past. If your objection is based on any passing similarity between Obama and Bush, read the timeline of our involvement and Obama's many statements on the matter. There is simply no comparison.

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