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View Diary: I rarely say this, but Maureen Dowd is a must-read! (179 comments)

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  •  Every once in a while, even a blind squirrel can (0+ / 0-)

    find an acorn ;-)

    Dowd's had a few good columns over her career -- though for the life of me I can't recall any specifics, so far and few between are they -- but this one hit it out of the park.

    Thank you very much and very sincerely, teacherken, for bringing it to our attention, because lord knows I never would have sought out her opinion on the matter.

    And, yes, damn skippy on the cowardice of the court and the sh*tty rulings on which they move with all deliberate speed.

    (And let us not forget Heller.)

    Is it courageous to propose tax cuts but not identify a single tax expenditure to rein in? Is it courageous to target your deepest cuts on the poorest Americans, who vote in lower numbers and provide little in campaign contributions?

    by caul on Thu Mar 28, 2013 at 12:29:56 AM PDT

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