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View Diary: You can make a lot of money saying stupid shi+ about marijuana. (70 comments)

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    would never be scheduled because it increases productivity, speed, and attention to boring, unpleasant work.  That's why many employers provide it to workers free of charge.  Quotas and performance standards are normed against co-workers drugged to the gills with a CNS stimulant.  Business (especially Wall Street) couldn't function without it.

    Marihuana and opiates were easy to stigmatize because they assist relaxation, the precise opposite of running as fast as you can on a treadmill because somebody said "Jump!".  Marihuana especially leads people to question whether there's any point in all that useless running about, since mere workers rarely get any significant percentage of the payoff.  Owners can't have such thoughts infecting the workforce.  It's a sin!  

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