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View Diary: You can make a lot of money saying stupid shi+ about marijuana. (70 comments)

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  •  actually, I can't use any of this stuff (0+ / 0-)

    pot, heroin, cocaine, meth, alcohol, various prescription narcotics (unless there is a pressing medical need, like surgery), and I'd like to see an end to the drug war, period.

    It wastes lives, money, law enforcement; shreds the Constitution; breeds corruption of all kinds; is a de facto war on the underclass. All that waste and suffering, and it's not even effective, at least not in its stated aims. Very effective in the unstated incentives to keep it going. It diminishes our society in so many ways.

    And yes, the prohibition on marijuana is especially idiotic. Those other drugs are actually dangerous, and the number of people who use them small in comparison, oh, except for alcohol, which is widely used and so much more dangerous than marijuana, it's a joke to compare them.

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