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  •  Gay cars and highways (1+ / 0-)
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    Now that's interesting.

    Presumably straight cars drive on straight highways.

    Gay cars drive on gay highways.  Since gay highways aren't straight, they're probably twisty.

    Therefore, gay cars tend to stick to the road, have well controlled understeer, and with certain exceptions (Mazda Miata, the Mustang and anything "RS" from Ford, although the 'stang has a solid rear axle -- I think it's into kink, Volkswagen GTI, Mini, and other great hot hatches...) are relatively expensive.  A BMW M3 is not very straight, and a Porsche 911 is about as gay as it gets.

    So, if you're from NOM, you really need to find a car with rubbery handling.  There are some rather fat Lexuses out there, and Cadillac still has one of its old flaccid models still in the lineup, whose target is older buyers who don't like gays.

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