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View Diary: Let's Not Ban Gay Marriage... Let's DESTROY it (82 comments)

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    I'm amazed by the lack of basic vision of a lot of "religious conservatives" on the right.  Whenever one of them says anything about the horrors of gay marriage, I show them a photo of my wife.  They think I'm changing the subject and say something complimentary.  

    Then I hit them with this:  "You know, so-and-so, that just forty or fifty years ago, in some states, we couldn't have legally married.  Do you think that's right?"

    Realizing they're caught, they say "Of course not, but that's different!"

    Then I continue with, "But the arguments that religious conservatives used then are exactly the same as the ones they're using now to try and stop gay Americans from marrying.  If you allow a white to marry a black, next thing you know someone will want to marry a horse.  Sound familiar?  You pulled out scripture then, too.  God's will this, nature's laws that.  Same old crap, over and over.  When's it gonna stop?"

    And they have no answer, because there is none.

    We're winning, good people.  The pace of change is never as fast as we'd like, especially when we're already over the finish line waiting for the slowpokes to come in, but everyone will get there eventually.  Twenty years from now, the bigots who are still alive will look back upon their words and actions with abject shame.  Count on it.

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