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  •  It is byond Unconscionable (5+ / 0-)

    what we force our fellow countrymen and women to live through but that's not enough for the bigoted, the hatefulness continues even into death.

    And damn Bill Clinton for signing what is clearly an unconstitutional law but then again, what has been done to minorities of all kinds because of the bigotry that has so long infected this nation is beyond excusing.

    Isn't it time we live up to in reality what it is we speak in words? Equality before the law and in opportunity is an ugly lie when it's not practiced in reality, possibly the ugliest of all lies because it treats people's lives as nothing more than window dressing hiding the torment that goes on behind that dressing as if all was well and good.

    All is NOT well and good in these United States. The fuel that feeds the bigots' hatred is pumped openly by one of the two major political parties and I look forward to the day practicing the politics of bigotry and hatred will mean political death to those who make such things the centerpieces of their "philosophy".  

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