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  •  Republicans may be "terrified of speaking out" (1+ / 0-)
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    Penny GC

    . . . on same-sex marriage, but they haven't budged one iota on their position - an emphatic NO to equal rights for LGBT Americans. Not just same-sex marriage, but also ENDA, hate-crime laws, ANYTHING that establishes LGBTs as a minority with protections in the law. Perhaps the party's strategists have started to realize that they've got to the point of diminishing returns with using same-sex marriage as a wedge issue & "rally the base" fodder. Perhaps they can now see that they've got an image problem with younger voters. But they aren't going to move on this issue. They can't: it's just too important to their rural, religious conservative base.

    Much as we may be tempted to believe that "history is on our side", we mustn't fool ourselves into thinking that this is going to be anything other than a long, hard slog. At last count, 32 states have constitutional or statutory bans on same-sex marriage. Republicans (invariably of the hard-right variety) have across-the-board control of 30 state governments. However the Supreme Court rules on DOMA, it appears likely to punt on the matter of equal protection, of applying it nation-wide. Surveying state-by-state prospects, only Illinois & Rhode Island look good right now, conceivably Oregon, Hawaii, New Mexico, Minnesota & New Jersey (once Christie is gone), but that's about it. No matter how much public opinion is shifting in our favor, the Party of No is deeply entrenched at the state level. Gerrymandered districts ensure that even when the majority votes Democratic, we get Republican representatives.

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