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View Diary: Disillusioned with Congress? Participatory budgeting is for you. (2 comments)

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    The New York Times published a quick little online tool for readers to use to balance the federal budget.  It took little more than ten minutes to map out, in broad strokes, how one preferred to go about doing it, and according to the captions at the end of the experiment it seemed that there was a broad -- perhaps 75% -- consensus on the appropriate measures.

    About a hundred thousand respondents, ten minutes apiece, and we had a broad consensus on balancing the federal budget.  Needless to say, the measures chosen by the public had little resemblance to those imposed by the people who supposedly represent us in Congress.  Representative democracy was both an innovation and a necessity given 18th century communications and transportation infrastructure.  It's an obvious and undemocratic anachronism in the 21st.


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