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View Diary: Analysis: Dow 30 companies show what a joke calling corporate tax burden 'heavy' has become (70 comments)

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  •  Three things (4+ / 0-)

    1)  Small family owned businesses already are at a tax disadvantage, because they probably can't hire the types of accountants that get major corps to have 0 or negative taxation.

    2) I would think in a proposal to lower corporate tax rates, you'd look into reworking pass-thru taxation, and completely divorce all business income from individual income.  So lower that pass-thru's taxes to 0 (but when the family member collects a salary or otherwise extracts money from the business, the individual will pay taxes on it).

    3) Re: Apple and Google, no, the corporations would not pay taxes.  But when money was transferred from them to their employees/officers/directors/board/shareholders, tax that money when it gets into a human beings hand.

    Like I said, it's a crazy idea - I'm just throwing this out there to help shape it in my own head.

    •  How can you be sure that personal income isn't.. (2+ / 0-)
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      Pescadero Bill, Egalitare

      ..just jiggered to be corporate expenses with the accounting expertise you refer to?

      The place to get after the money is when it is distributed - when it becomes individual income.

      Corporate jets,  huge corporate mansions, corporate uniforms - (labeled as business suits or an expensive gowns). Yachts,  gardening services, corporate fuel accounts, Just about anything you need could be written off as expenditures that go to the directors, officers, boardmembers, CEOs. et al.
      Like a sluice right into the pockets of the people controlling the accounting within the business structure.

      Why get paid a taxable income when all these "perks" can be siphoned off as part of the business?

      seriously wondering: How would that kind of accounting be avoided, where the the extraction from the business is wrtten off as part of profit and loss to the business and not personal income to be taxed?

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