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View Diary: Tucson group to give away shotguns, ammo in high-crime areas (163 comments)

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    What the NRA, and most of it's cronies, try to do is set up a gun as the best, last, line of defense against the masses that are trying to murder every good christian in the US.  Of course, they also have to fabricate the murdering masses because they don't exist.

    In reality there are much better ways to defend oneself than a gun.  It really is the difference between building security and adding it later as an afterthought.  Guns are mostly an afterthought.  Of a plan.  Go to a dangerous place and kill minorities.

    Of course in Texas the minorities are often in powerful positions, so shooting at one may mean trouble that would not happen in places like the midwest and north.

    I look at it this way.  The gun laws in the south are, on balance, little different than those in the north.  Vermont has laxer laws and most places. Connecticut has comparable laws, along with open carry.  And if you ignore the unpleasantness in Waco, where an entire extended family committed suicide by cop, there simply has not been a case of 20 children being murdered in one day.  The closest thing to that is Colorado, which is midwest, and the law enforcement seems happy to let people murder at will.  

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