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  •  Fantastic family, congratulations Steven! (13+ / 0-)

    My own story is one of complete acceptance. My partner and I have been together more than 20 years now, but we haven't married (yet) even though it's been legal here in Canada for a long time.

    We are a same-sex, but different-race couple. That hasn't mattered to anyone as far as I can tell.

    Both families have welcomed us into the folds. My mom and sisters made it clear to my partner that he is always welcome. My dad passed away around the time we were getting together, so dad and partner never met. Dad might have had a problem with the gay thing, but by the time we were living together, it wasn't going to be an issue anyway. A few years later, we did turn a few heads at my mother's funeral. You could see people thinking "who's that Asian guy in this sea of white faces?" Regardless, the extended family was nothing but welcoming.

    As for the other side, they were also totally embracing of me. We continue to visit with his family regularly, at our home as well as the various parts of the world into which they have spread out, and other vacation spots in between. There have been more funerals on my side of the family than his, and so contact with my side has dwindled over time. And as it happens, since partner and I have been together, we lived some distance from my family, but for a few years in the same city as some of his. Being physically located a few minutes drive away made the bonds much more convenient to form.

    Well, this upset the Donald so much they could barely get him to stop flinging his feces - Bill Maher

    by lotac on Wed Mar 27, 2013 at 07:40:03 PM PDT

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