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  •  this one, alas, is out of our hands (3+ / 0-)
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    Trade/tax reform that keeps jobs stateside
    No nation, not even ours, sets its own economic policies anymore, and no nation, not even ours, has its own national economy any more.  The economy is now dominated by huge global corporations that have no country and answer to no government (not even ours), and those corporations have already set up an global economic body that sets every nation's trade polices (the WTO) directly and undemocratically.  The WTO has legal veto power, by treaty, over any nation's policies, and every nation (including the US) that has tried to defy the WTO has surrendered abjectly shortly afterwards. Economically, nation-states and national governments simply no longer matter.  If we want to change or control trade policies, we have to do it at the global level, not the national.

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