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  •  "Life's good in gun-crazy Florida" (5+ / 0-)

    Commentary: Life's good in gun-crazy Florida

    ...The 12-year-old had brought a 9 mm MAC-10 pistol to school, though the word “pistol” hardly describes this particular firearm. It was a semi-automatic version of those artless black metal machine gun pistols, the grease guns so popular with American gangsters. Killers love the compact MAC-10s because so much firepower can be concealed under a coat. Or in a child’s backpack.

    Orlando police said the MAC-10’s 30-cartridge magazine was fully loaded. Police later tested the gun at the firing range and found it was fully functional, ready to kill. The child also brought a conventional .380-caliber pistol, though, small blessing, the second weapon was not in working order.

    It was a Monday fraught with terrible possibilities. None seemed to register with the NRA-controlled legislature...

    Everything’s just dandy, here in gun-crazed Florida. According to Olorunnipa, a proposed repeal of the so-called “docs versus Glocks” law has no chance. The 2011 legislation outlawed the right of doctors to ask patients or patients’ parents about firearms in the homes. Doesn’t matter if the physician’s confronted with a suicidal teenager. Or an utterly unhinged patient. No chance for that bill. Not in this legislature...

    A gun bill that would require universal background checks for gun purchases can’t get out of committee. This, despite a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday that found 91 percent of Floridians supported the concept. But 91 percent support is not enough, in our Democracy, to thwart the will of the NRA.


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