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View Diary: KY-Sen BREAKING: Ashley Judd *NOT* Running for Senate (30 comments)

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  •  Judd probably couldn't beat him. (0+ / 0-)

    Not for any of the crap McConnell through at her but moreso because of the state. She's never run statewide and isn't particularly distinguished on any issue. Once you get over the "Ashley Judd!" thing there just isn't much to work with as far as campaign experience.

    Running for office is a talent and a skill. There are some naturals but for most people it takes practice to get good at it. Make no mistake, Mitch McConnell is very good at it. Almost every race he's run has been competitive.

    Gonna take a real dynamo to beat him.

    •  Um, Ashley Judd has campaigned for years (0+ / 0-)

      Ashley Judd has been involved heavily in the grassroots level of campaigning for years.  She's not just simply a contributor.  She really knows how to campaign.

      I just think Judd wanted to be clear of the attacks that were leveling on her and wanted some peace and quiet to decide on her own.  With "Democrats" we have who seem to get so concerned over Judd being so liberal to the point where apparently she's a robot, I don't blame her for deciding to take time off.  We have quite some fired up Democrats, indeed.

      Oh where is Howard Dean when we need him?  I wish he were the permanent chair of the DNC.

      •  That doesn't sound like a veteran campaigner. (0+ / 0-)
        I just think Judd wanted to be clear of the attacks that were leveling on her and wanted some peace and quiet to decide on her own.
        Nah. If that's how she's thinking she certainly wasn't ready to go toe to toe with a wolverine like Mitch McConnell. If she doesn't want blood and guts all over her face and between her teeth, she's not ready.

        Sometimes a novice campaigner has a signature issue that kind of propels them forward as in the case of Elizabeth Warren. And sometimes, people just have the gift because they came from other performance based fields. Like Al Franken and that race. Ashley Judd might be one of those people, we don't know.

        But if you're going to fight a cagey psychopath like McConnell, you gotta bring your best A game and a killer instinct. During this run up to her decision, she never laid one glove on McConnell. NO good. Guy like gotta put a 2 by 4 right between is eyes, drive a stake through his heart, and then set him on fire.

        •  That's an irrational argument (0+ / 0-)

          Ashley Judd never laid one glove on McConnell?  What the heck are you talking about?  She never entered the race in the first place so she wasn't going to start attacking McConnell until she was actually running.  It's premature to say even anything.  

          Don't get too carried away in the argument you cited from my comment.  The reason why I was pointing that out was that Ashley Judd probably felt she wanted to run on her own and decide for her own rather than getting caught into the hype machine.  Believe it or not, but I actually respect Judd's decision now and believe she's got plenty of opportunity to plan for a 2016 run in the future, which I think she'll seriously consider.  She's also younger and may decide to get more involved in other issues or campaigns.  In fact, I'd say maybe Ashley could fire up the troops in Kentucky and Tennessee without being a candidate.  That could work.

          Believe me, Judd is a tough person.  She's been raped at least twice when she was much younger and while I don't credit that entirely for her toughness, I can point that out that she knows what it's like to be an underdog and she can seriously fight.  If you see Judd in any video political related, she can take the heat and really knows how to fight back.  I don't think she's the type of person who lets things slide.  Go look at a bunch of You Tube videos of Judd in politics and she's not one of those typical "novices."

          •  Well, if all that is true... (0+ / 0-)

            her excuse for not running sounds like bullshit. Mitch is vulnerable. Not to mention there are plenty of other Democrats who put names on ballots and asses on lines in a heavily red state. They supposed to step aside for her when she didn't come through when Dems had their best shot in years to take out a major GOP politician?

            McConnell started beating up on her from day one. And all she did was say "Thanks!" Nah...that's not what Dems are looking for. You gotta let McConnell have it right between the eyes not let shit slide.

            Nahh. I wasn't buying her candidacy from jump and I suspect a better candidate who has actually run statewide has a better shot.

            •  You're buying too much into hype and news (0+ / 0-)

              Judd's reason for not running is not bullshit.  She can decide what she wants.  Who cares really at this point?  Hardball with Chris Matthews discussed this issue and put the matter to rest.  Former PA Governor Ed Rendell said it best when Ashley Judd's candidacy wasn't so much a referendum on Judd but on the hype that her candidacy has been causing and how that may have been something the GOP could have used against the Democrats in Kentucky.  You really can't say her excuse for not running is bullshit because you aren't Ashley Judd and you may have also not gotten raped twice early on when you were younger.  I can't say I know everything about her but you know, this argument we're having (which is legitimate by the way) is really so assuming of what she is in reality when neither one of us has met Judd.  At this point, who cares the reason why Judd didn't run?  She decided not to and that's fine.

              Perhaps Judd was getting too much attention and it prevented her from deciding herself.  You didn't mention in any of your arguments that Judd actually talked to a lot of national Democrats and those well entrenched in politics for weeks, even months, about assessing a potential U.S. Senate campaign

              However, not a single person who is a skeptic of Ashley Judd's candidacy has proven to me she would have really done damage for Democrats or that it wasn't really serious.  I've seen tons of Judd videos on You Tube and there isn't a single one that proves Judd would not be able to fight back.  All these Democratic strategists, operatives, etc. are really just so general and they never gave any bit of evidence to really back up their claims.

              Either way, what's done is done and I suggest we stop frickin focusing on Judd and start keeping our eye on the prize, which is McConnell's Senate seat, additional House seats in 2014 and making sure the Kentucky Democratic Party doesn't screw up.

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