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View Diary: Idaho Teacher Under Investigation For Saying 'Vagina' During Biology Lesson (263 comments)

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  •  this is very sad also: (2+ / 0-)
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    SilentBrook, eXtina
    “But I give every student the option not attend this class when I teach on the reproductive system if they don’t feel comfortable with the material.”
    Wow, if students can skip everything that makes them "uncomfortable" how are they ever going to learn anything?
    •  Different Kids are Ready at Different Ages (2+ / 0-)
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      SilentBrook, eXtina

      In CA today, schools always give the option to opt out of Sex Ed topics. When my daughter was in 6th grade she begged me to let her opt out because she didn't feel up to dealing with the information. She already had a basic grasp of the facts from me and I knew she wasn't emotionally ready for the topic in any depth so we opted out. By 8th grade Health Class she was a lot more mature and able to handle the subject matter more comfortably.

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