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  •  Recently had to get my Mom her Real ID (10+ / 0-)

    The main take away is that every document has to have a raised seal.  I think that is the extent of the training our DMV was given.  Didn't matter how dark or illegible the document was as long as it had a raised seal.

    She needed birth certificate (from Vital Records not the Hospital).  Marriage license and divorce/death certificate for each of her three marriages.  At about ~$20-$28 a piece for a copy.  She had most of them after a week of searching but we still put out about $64 for documents plus parking etc.

    SSS card in her current name.

    Again the main take away is you need raised seal documents.  The names have to match on each document that reflects a name change showing the entire progression.

    It could easily be unaffordable for anyone that does not have disposable income.  After the documents you still have to pay for the ID.  Could easily go over $100 for a driver's license renewal.

    (My understanding of the Real ID act is that they don't want any clerk to let anything slide as was probably done millions of times over the past several decades.  This is a one time "redo" where every document used to issue an ID will be official.  It is to correct all the times in the past where clerks have said, "Looks like a typo so I'll OK it", or "A hospital announcement of birth is OK because it has his footprint on it.  Must be real".  I don't have any problem with the idea of making sure documents used to issue ID are official but it should be subsidized just as State DMV are getting lots of money to cover their added costs in implementing it.)

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