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  •  Maybe this little story will cheer you up. (18+ / 0-)

    Or, at least you will be glad you aren't my uncle.  So back about 25 years ago, my Dad's older brother was turning 65 and wanted to apply for Social Security.  He didn't have a copy of his birth certificate, so applied to the County to get one.  Imagine his surprise when he received it in the mail...and he didn't recognize the mother's name listed.  Whaaaaa????  He hotfooted it to the nursing home, where his elderly mother (at least he had always THOUGHT she was his mother) resided, for an explanation.

    Poor Grandma, she had kept that secret for over 60 years; she must have known it would come out eventually?  Or maybe she thought she'd die before that happened.  So what happened was, Grandpa had been previously married, which nobody had a clue about.  Apparently he was still married to wife #1, when he began living with, and impregnated, Grandma.  When the baby was born, Grandpa, an illegal alien (in 1922) was afraid he'd get in trouble, so put his legal wife's name on the birth certificate rather than the actual mother.  Quite a shock to my poor uncle!

    So when you do get your official birth certificate, just hope you recognize all the names on it!

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