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View Diary: The hate behind DOMA, finally revealed (9 comments)

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    I've been waging this battle for years, and one of the tired phrases I've heard over and over again is "the will of the people." And there it is in the DOMA legislation: "[S]ame-sex marriage, if sanctified by the law, if approved by the law, legitimates a public union, a legal status that most people … feel ought to be illegitimate."

    And now that "most people" feel that same-sex marriage ought to be legitimate, all I hear from the losers is how the new minority status of their bigotry deserves special consideration and protection. They're an oppressed minority! Where, oh where, is "tolerance" for prejudice?

    As I knew all along, the forces of oppression weren't just sore winners, they're sore losers, too.

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