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  •  I didn't realize it was illegal (3+ / 0-)
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    to discuss applied biochemistry. That's a stretch for most folks in these parts, and should be encouraged. Usually, beyond high school, the only science discussion is about what a crock o' B.S. that global warming scam of Al Gore's is.
    The Moonshiners program (totally staged by authentic characters) and the Mother Earth News article are least cracks in the dam and a start for the conversation about legalizing a practice which many regard as their God-given birthright, along with guns and loud machines, never mind that God doesn't mention any of that in the Bible. At least there is only minor quibbling about snake handling. After all, if a man wants to risk his life for something he believes in, what business is it of the the government's to stop him from being a damn fool? The cost of enforcement is higher than the tax revenue from the lost legal purchases. Let them edit themselves out of the gene pool, preferably before procreation. Anybody see the movie Idiocracy? It's not just a comedy, it's also prophecy. Well, it's late, and I may have digressed somewhere. Good night, and good beer tomorrow.

    The man who worries morning and night about the dandelions in the lawn will find great relief in learning to love the dandelions. Liberty Hyde Bailey, 1910

    by Grainpaw on Fri Mar 29, 2013 at 08:48:45 PM PDT

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