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View Diary: A point that should have been raised in DOMA arguments today (39 comments)

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  •  DOMA was enacted to circumvent the 14th (0+ / 0-)

    amendment.  Just look at the time line of every State law against gay marriage.  Nearly all of them have adopted DOMA as their state law.  Without DOMA no state could have gotten away with laws against gay marriage.

    Every lawyer and judge in that courtroom understands that.  Trying to argue the case doesn't make sense.  I can't imagine being a judge having to listen to anyone trying to defend DOMA as constitutional.  

    I can't imagine trying to defend DOMA either.  It's all for show.  If the SCOTUS upholds DOMA, then the constitution really means nothing to these judges.

    Trying to make sense of this is simply crazy.

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