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View Diary: Clear Channel Chairman Stepping Down/StopRush Gathers Momentum (89 comments)

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    Maybe it was the results of the last election. Maybe it's the fact that the Republicans are imploding. Maybe it was Sandy Hook. Maybe it's just a welcome that has been worn out.

    My guess is that it's an accumulation of things over a long period. Whatever the reason, there seems to be a mood shift  in America away from the crazies.

    We feel it less in the South because political ignorance has been so pervasive, but even here I see that some of the followers are a little less obsessed. Not a lot, but it does seem like a trend.

    I've been critical of the Clinton-Obama "third way" philosophy, but it may be a positive part of the mood shift. Obama isn't a Liberal and some Republican followers are slowly catching on to that. He's not as scary to them as their leaders want them to believe.

    At the heart of it, though, I think the real reasons are that Liberals and Progressives are beginning to stand up and be heard. We're stating our views, being a bit more aggressive.

    Secondly, the Republicans have amassed such a long, long list of policy failures that even Republican followers are having a hard time putting any faith in their ideas. They continue to mouth support, but fewer of them are doing it for the simple reason that the ideas are goofy.

    As long as we continue – and dramatically increase – our presence I believe this mood shift will continue and we'll come but of the clouds and into blue skies.

    Limbaugh is flailing. Clear Channel is going down the tubes. ALEC has been rattled and is soon to be on the ropes. And so it goes.

    But victories here and there are absolutely no reason to slow down.

    Gay marriage provides a good blueprint. Gays began coming out in large numbers and families discovered they have gay relatives. They became more understanding and the mood shift was rapid and dramatic in the direction of compassion.

    The same should happen with Liberals.

    Even in a state like mine, where the Republican primary is often the same as the general election in that there is no shot for a Democrat. (The exception is the Sanford vs Colbert-Busch race.) Democrats still draw 40-46% of the vote. That's a whole lot of people. It produces Republican "landslides" but we're still a big group. All we need to do is make our case more often and more firmly.

    Now is the time to double-down.

    A Southerner in Yankeeland

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