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View Diary: Sandy Hook families speak out on their loss ... and guns (335 comments)

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  •  Glen, this is exactly the game these new gun (3+ / 0-)

    trolls are playing.

    Ramdove 101: enter a diary, derail it with comments that seem reasonable, but are part of a larger history of trolling (endless arguing with discredited talking points, etc).

    They are here for one purpose only: to derail any and inflame any convo about guns not sufficiently 'pro.' But there is also another agenda...

    They are waiting for Kos to come in and ban folks on what will appear to him to be on both sides of the divide. These are probably zombies; they won't care if they are banned. They will crop up with a new name and another hundred posts the very next day.

    This tit for tat ratings battles in the comments and the accompanying meta is exactly what brought Kos to purge suxors/roxxers last time. He's already said he doesn't want to deal with it.

    Just report it.

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