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View Diary: Beltway Dem insiders whine, 'Dean stole our Golden Goose!' (303 comments)

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  •  your best diary ever, robert (4.00)
    al from is on the payroll of the us chamber of commerce, the most anti-democratic and anti-progressive organization out there, bar none. the NRA is more progressivew than the CoC. the christian coalition is more progressive than thew CoC.

    the RNC is more progressive than the CoC.

    al from is ONLY in it for the money.

    and for carville, i almost don't wan't to get started on this ruthless charlatain. let me simply add this: the vile right-wing b he sleeps with, mary matalin, was asked last december by don imus about carville. they had been taking long vacations in europe and the like.

    (i remember it like yesterday)

    imus: so, how is jimmy doing?

    matalin: he's fine. he's great

    imus: no, i mean, how is he doing?

    matalin: he's fine.

    imus: i mean, with the election and all. he has to be down, right?

    matalin: no, he's fine. he's great.


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