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View Diary: Beltway Dem insiders whine, 'Dean stole our Golden Goose!' (303 comments)

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  •  I didn't even see the interviews . . . (4.00)
    But when I started reading about them, I could tell it was the same old set-up. Dems need to be prepared to respond to this stuff. Both Biden and Edwards should have said something like "Since I haven't seen Dean's entire speech or talked with him about it, it really wouldn't make sense for me to respond." if the pundit comes back with something like "Are you implying that we're misrespresenting what was said" the response should just be, "Well, if you want to devote your entire show to re-running the speech so we can know what we're talking about, I'd be able to talking usefully about it. But since time doesn't permit that, let's move on to things I can reasonably comment upon."

    I watched Edwards speech at the Take Back America Conference online and it was great. His response to this manufactured bruhaha is, too. But he and everyone else who genuinely cares about the Democratic Party and the country should know better thant to step into traps like this.

    I don't consider myself outside of anything. I just consider myself not around . . . Bob Dylan

    by ponderer on Tue Jun 07, 2005 at 04:05:16 AM PDT

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    •  You hit the nail on the head (4.00)
      Any democrat who has the slightest chance of ever being on the air should be trained in handling the media.

      Right now the media simply reaches out and grabs who it wishes. And they know where to go to create a controversy.

      The Democratic party needs to adopt its own moral and values principles (clawed)

      by cdreid on Tue Jun 07, 2005 at 04:12:56 AM PDT

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      •  i know edwards can do better on his feet, but (none)
        handling the media 101.  from two masters:
        clintonesque--thoughtful answers.  ask them to repeat the quote that they want you to respond to verbatim and with context, so that the response is thoughtful.
        reaganesque--use self-deprecating humor.
        •  Go check my diary (none)
          Its' purpose is to develop these techniques. As for biden he wasnt fighting back because he is a Senator and a  Bidencrat first. He always has been.

          The Democratic party needs to adopt its own moral and values principles (clawed)

          by cdreid on Tue Jun 07, 2005 at 10:14:09 AM PDT

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