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View Diary: Beltway Dem insiders whine, 'Dean stole our Golden Goose!' (303 comments)

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  •  Carville and Matalin ... (4.00)
    have had this cute little "mixed marriage" racket going on for over ten years; it doesn't matter which party is in power, someone is always making the big bucks and maintaining Jim and Mary in their privileged lifestyle. Disgusting and disgraceful.
    •  "There's NO business (none)
      like SHOW business, like SHOW business, I know..."

      Don't you guys get it yet?

      They're not political mangers.

      They're ENTERTAINERS!!!

      They are the Steve + Edie of their generation. (Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme, for you young 'uns. Song and patter from the Johnny Carson years. Well produced fluff.)

      Only THESE entertainers are going to end up killing us all.


      "Let the intelligent read and understand, and let the ignorant stay that way." From the earliest known piece of writng. A Mesopotamian shopping list. Nice.

      by Arthur Gilroy on Tue Jun 07, 2005 at 06:03:09 AM PDT

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