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View Diary: Beltway Dem insiders whine, 'Dean stole our Golden Goose!' (303 comments)

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  •  Let the party know -Get behind Howard (4.00)
    I sent a letter to Senator Boxer yesterday talking about my state needing money to level the playing field of campaigns. I live in the home of the phone jamming scandal, which had a razor sharp senate win for Republicans due to the above? More than likely. I urged BB to get behind Dean. The media went after him because he called them out and said he was coming for them to. Shortly thereafter we witnessed the Dean Scream, minus the roar of the crowd. Face it they fear him or anyone else that speaks truth to power. They fear us to, we need to get the internets to the masses and level the playing field. Howard is the future of the democratic part party. I voted for him in the primary and had a tough time due to the fact i thought we had a lot of good men running. We need to change the way they go after each other in the primarys also. How do you do tag lines in italics, god i love this site

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