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  •  No, Sorry (2+ / 0-)
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    tardis10, VClib

    I don't agree that we can't reframe the issue. Most people know what Social Security really is because they have a close family member getting it.

    Whether we count it as insurance or not is another question, but changing the cap is playing around the edges. We need to have a more aggressive position on this.

    •  How's that? (1+ / 0-)
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      Words In Action
      changing the cap is playing around the edges
      The point is obtaining revenue to offset these alleged shortfalls. Changing the cap does that.

      What is more aggressive than that?  

      It is time to #Occupy Media.

      by lunachickie on Fri Mar 29, 2013 at 12:42:08 PM PDT

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      •  Creating 20 million jobs and raising the min wage? (1+ / 0-)
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        In 2011 the CBO scored the alleged shortfall at .6% of GDP over 75 years.

        We have a 15 trillion dollar economy, .6% is 90 billion.

        Median income for a male working full time year round is 36k.

        SOooooooo   creating 20 million jobs at 36k is 89.2 billion more FICA, or nearly .6% of GDP.
        U6 unemployment is about 14.7%, with a workforce of 154 million, thats 23 million unemployed.

        Funny how the jobs deficit nearly matches the SS deficit, so called.

        Now what was more aggressive, what has a far wider reach?

        So you want to remove the cap and create a 168k annual SS benefit?

        You want to insure some uber rich person that has capital?

        Why insure capital? WTF would you do that?

        ...... Social Security blogathon March 25th thru March 29th. #HandsOffmySS FDR 9-23-33, "If we cannot do this one way, we will do it another way. But do it we will.

        by Roger Fox on Fri Mar 29, 2013 at 07:11:32 PM PDT

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        •  They aren't going to "create" enough jobs (0+ / 0-)

          to cover your math. They have already demonstrated that.

          With that in mind, frankly, the rest of your concerns are rather moot.

          It is time to #Occupy Media.

          by lunachickie on Fri Mar 29, 2013 at 10:19:41 PM PDT

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