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View Diary: Navy's $37 Billion "Little Crappy Ships" Littoral Combat Ships "Not Survivable" (192 comments)

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  •  LCS is a goofy set of requirements (13+ / 0-)

    Small, cheap, fast patrol corvette that can accept a range of mission modules for ASW, etc. (modules not yet designed) and carry a small troop complement.  All this in a 3000 ton displacement vessel, a size that usually means you build a missile boat or an ASW boat, not a ship that can swap between missiles/ASW/love/ice cream dispensary after a few days in the shop.

    Add in the construction problems on the first two ships, contractor maintenance issues, ships as designed being undergunned and undermanned against ships of similar size and you have a tremendous lemon.  The Navy kept adding requirements in excess of what was needed, then asked for more little crappy ships while they knew it was flawed.  

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