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View Diary: Navy's $37 Billion "Little Crappy Ships" Littoral Combat Ships "Not Survivable" (192 comments)

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  •  That's okay, I'll forgive you! (7+ / 0-)

    I served on a 327' cutter for two years, and a 378' cutter for two weeks TAD, otherwise the rest of my six years was shore duty. Night and day between the two classes of ships too. I was black shoe, in operations/communications, and served as a radioman.

    Red headed step chile? You put it very succinctly, my friend. Lots of work and a much smaller budget.

    That 110' project killed, what was it, eight perfectly good small cutters before they ended it. So bad they couldn't give them away after the mods.

    The 378's are indeed wearing fast: aluminum superstructures with steel hulls, they've given a lot but they can't go on forever. The Phillippines have taken the two retired so far: they are the biggest ships the RP Navy has, sadly. The 210's were all steel, but then they've already been rebuilt at least once each ship, and are fast approaching a second re-build if not scrapped (they're even older than the 378's!). Even the 270's, delivered after my hitch, are already being selected for retirement, and I've only been out for 31 years!

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