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View Diary: GOP wrestles with own lily-whiteness as America laughs hysterically (108 comments)

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    Romney has 59% of the white vote.  Obama has 93% of the black vote and 73% fo the asian vote.  Clinton has 83% of the black vote in both elections.  And while Romney only achieved 27% hispanic votes, Bush was closer to 40%.

    If Obama was able to hit Hispanic votes north of 80%, these numbers might provide hope.  But as it is the 70% is cherry picking that lead the Democrats to lose to Bush two cycles running and lose the house to wingnuts.

    •  I think there were other reasons (0+ / 0-)

      for the Dems losing the House. Obama's overwhelming win of the Hispanic vote wasn't one of them.

      Also, Obama's 71% was just one percentage point below Clinton's 72% of the Hispanic vote in 1996, the highest Democratic share in recent history. No cherry picking there.

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