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  •  You can't find where I said anything (5+ / 0-)

    of the sort , you can't quote me as saying anything of the sort so you ask me to google it ?
    That is a total failure on your part .

    I do not consider you an official teacher.
    Did you fail to understand this
    I am not religious . I'm an atheist .
    Do I need to use smaller word ? me no go to church . me no have god .
    enough already... nuff said by me tonight

    just remember... Jesus wept...

    You have said way more that you should have , your attacking me with your little games shows you to be lacking , seriously lacking .

    You would rather attack an atheist then stand down for 3 days ? Bazaar !

    You ask me

    Have you agreed to stop abusing our children during this "ecclesiastical" period?
    How fucking dare you ! That bull shit , have you stopped beating your wife game is only played by fools .
    I have nothing to do with it . Your asking me if I have stopped is bullshit .
    Did you call me & mine "intriscially discordered" before or after we started to fight back?
    One last time , Post a quote of me saying this or retract it . You have two choices , you can post a quote of me saying what you put quote marks around  or you can admit that your bullshit was nothing but bullshit .

    Drop the name-calling MB 2/4/11 + Please try to use ratings properly! Kos 9/9/11

    by indycam on Thu Mar 28, 2013 at 07:42:54 PM PDT

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