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  •  Good grief. (5+ / 0-)

    I usually rec your comments, JesseCW, since we have similar left-wing, pro-social-justice beliefs.

    But your bigotry here is not acceptable and not welcome in my diary.

    1. The Catholic Church is not a "right wing organization."  It's by far the largest organization for social justice in the world, by far the largest supporter of charities, BY FAR!

    2. It is not dedicated to enabling child abuse!  The abuses were horrible and are being addressed, but they have never been epidemic throughout the church.  This new pope may be rather revolutionary about this issue.  I hope so.

    3. No, the church is not systematically opposed to "denying women basic health care."  That's wrong.

    4. And no, the church is not "actively oppressing and harming LGBT people." As a liberal American Catholic, I wish the pope and the bishops would lighten up on the same-sex marriage issue.  But I don't believe their opposition to that amounts to your claim of actively oppressing and harming.

    It's folly to engage on these issues here.  There's a big chance of getting ganged up on with HRs and overheated falsehoods.

    But I think we have a genuine saint with this new pope, and we should give him time to surprise.

    •  You're desire to ignore... (2+ / 0-)
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      allergywoman, ExStr8

      ...the Catholic church's actions against LGBT people is amazing. It's hardly as secret, so the only explanation is that you're dedication to the Catholic church is such that you're willing to ignore what it does. At best, that makes you an enabler of that oppression, at worst, it makes you a participant in that oppression. I know you won't listen to me because you never do. But your claims of Christian good will and compassion ring ever hollow while you ingore the harm your church inflicts on LGBT people.

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