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    Ahianne, Timaeus

    quite right.  However Eostre is the exception.  The political crisis that led to the crucifixion centered around a day that was already holy for most religions at that time, the full moon of the vernal equinox.  It had been holy for at least 1500 years in the Middle East, was the New Year celebrated at least as far west as Rome, and yes, was also celebrated by the Saxons and other Germanic tribes.  But the real historical events also occurred at that time of year because that was when religious politics spilled over into secular law in Judea, and Jesus was crucified the weekend after Passover.

    In this case there was an actual, verifiable reason for the convergence of the two mythologies.  Granted, the myth of the Resurrection indubitably borrowed from previous Near Eastern myths centered around the dying and re-arising God of Spring.  But Attis and Adonis both took several months at it, while Jesus managed the deal in three DAYS, suggesting that somewhere in the interim, God invented a really good 3-D printer.

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