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    But I doubt a mature Jesuit in that position even ever thinks of playing politics.

    Thinking small (but the traditionalists would not think this small), I think he's going to order that the church start ordaining women as deacons.  That's my prayer for the first big reform.

    I also pray that he'll abolish the rule that priests cannot marry and have children.  That rule of celibacy was not established until about the year 1100, and it is supremely stupid.  Saints and monks may be called to that discipline, but it's supremely stupid to impose that rule on all priests.

    By the way, I've met Catholic priests who were married and have children.  How is that possible?  They converted to Catholicism from other faiths, such as Lutheranism or Episcopalianism.  If that's okay with the church for them, why not for any priest?

    We're seeing big changes coming.

    I was praying Mass on Easter Sunday...that I get to live, despite a very serious life-threatening medical condition, enough to see what Pope Francis does. This is amazing.

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