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View Diary: Parents took away his gun, Tucson Shooter just went out and bought a Semi-Automatic (187 comments)

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  •  "Let's repeal the 2nd Amendmnt": opens the Overton (4+ / 0-)


    It is not necessary that the Second Amendment is actually ever repealed. We need to push for it, loudly, just the same.

    It doesn't matter that some people are vehemently opposed to this idea -- in fact, if they weren't, then it wouldn't be necessary to push this far. (Does anyone honestly think that Wayne LaPierre really expects most schools in the US to hire armed-guards? Nonsense, of course he does not. He's trying to reshape the debate -- and a few idiotic state-level representatives in redneck districts are helping him out by going along with it.) We don't need consensus within DailyKos, we need leaders here who are willing to lead.

    Simply by pushing for repeal of the 2nd Amendment, one is broadening the range of policy options for reducing gun-violence.

    Focusing on the NRA doesn't go far or deep enough, imho, the real 800-lb gorilla is the 2nd Amendment, and that's what we should target. (Attacking the NRA is fine, but they're well used to this, and well set up to defend themselves. The political weapon they always use is the 2nd Amendment. If you go after the Second Amendment directly, it deprives them of the ground they stand on. It is like using kryptonite -- it destroys the NRA but also opens up reasonable gun regulations in the process.)

    The US right-wing has been using the "Overton Window" strategy for years (since at least the 1980s -- Reagan was a practitioner) -- and now including Wayne LaPierre's nonsensical "arm the teachers" response. They have been somewhat successful in their goal so far: to deliberately shift the entire agenda to the right (rather than focusing on compromise and 'realistic' policies).

    For anyone not familiar with the 'Overton Window' concept, it's good to know that Joseph Overton was a VP at the right-wing, anti-government Mackinac Center. And his ideas were featured on (*shudder*) Glenn Beck's TV and radio shows. (Brace yourself if you click here, for the four videos with Beck about the Overton Window:  Beck also wrote an awful fiction book called The Overton Window.)

    Sometimes we need to speak truth to power. Other times we need to fight fire with fire. Often, both are needed...

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