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  •  his machine reference is somewhat true (3+ / 0-)
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    but at the same time, produce picked 50 years ago was picked nearer to ripe and also was trucked a shorter distance.  In order to adjust to far away markets and machine handling, the produce was bred with thicker skins and were picked in a "greener" state with color added to give the illusion of ripeness.   Consumer tastes then changed (or were changed) so they demanded this thicker skinned, less ripe, less flavorful produce and fruit.

    For example, apples are supposed to be a soft fruit when picked fully ripe from the tree at the peak of its sugars.  The pomes you buy in the store  are relatively low in these sugars but I have had several folk tell me they prefer the store stuff to the real stuff.

    Irony is that this opened up the foreign market as they were now able to ship crops that before would have spoiled in transit.

    I would point out the down side of machinery is it is much more dangerous, much more expensive and takes a higher level of employee to operate and maintain so the total costs remain roughly the same

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