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View Diary: Marriage equality: What do we do after we win? (71 comments)

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  •  For an article that begins... (0+ / 0-)

    '...what do we do after we win marriage equality....' to close with this...

    The Republican war on reproductive rights seems to be continuing unabated, which will continue to provide an unfortunate opportunity; but eventually, Democrats will need to provide a much stronger contrast on making sure young people believe that we have an economy that works for us. Republicans are working for exactly the opposite, and that contrast won't go away any time soon. to close with a non-sequitor, isn't it?

    Did you run out of time and just decide to throw everything up against the wall and hope something sticks? "...making sure young people believe...," " economy that works for us...?" It's vague.

    It's schematic. Did the editors cut you off, did you lose focus, did you presume you'd already lost us, or did you decide to just start making shit up?

    Tired of sloppy analysis. Do better.

    •  The diarist seems to be offering (0+ / 0-)

      answers to the question posed in the diary's title. Perhaps "harass sincere diarists about their sloppy analysis" should have been added to the list of post success activities.  After spending considerable effort writing a heartfelt diary, nothing says thank you like stylistic criticism.

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