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View Diary: Gun-sales background check bill needs all Democratic senators on board. Four are still hold-outs (180 comments)

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  •  again how is this law going to stop behavior that (0+ / 0-)

    is already apparently taking place?  

    Your quote:

    along with egregious and wide spread ignoring of current law
    So if we make new laws, then they are going to then all of a sudden abide by them....even when we don't even have the funds or manpower or perhaps even will to stop the current violations?

      To stop illegal behavior, you do not punish the innocent or make new regulations on those who abide by the law....why because it will have zero effect on gun crime. They are not the ones committing the crimes.

     You, instead,  go after those who are committing the crimes and if the punishment is not deterring them currently....make it even more severe.  Rally behind stronger sentences and enforcement, enforcement, enforcement.  You will get 100% of Americans behind this idea.....or at least 100% of law abiding Americans.

     You fund more people to find them, you punish them, you make it unbelievably harsh....and then after you have tried all of that to its fullest.... would you then go after those who have committed no crime.

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