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    Denise Oliver Velez, Yasuragi

    Shaso, listen to this radio documentary from CBC's morning program, The Current, if you'd like to hear women talk about how they lost their newborn babies in Canada.

    The documentary is called Motherhood Interrupted.

    For many women, there was simply no social support for the mother and and her baby. If her family refused to provide any support, including a place to live, then she absolutely had to be able to find employment, a place to live, and child care.

    Often, the young mother was not in her home community: she had been sent away to have the baby. She was in a strange place where she knew few people. Job-hunting and apartment-hunting would have been difficult.

    She needed not just any job, but a job that would work for a single parent and that would pay enough for those child care costs on top of rent, groceries, clothing, etc.

    So one of the pressure points was simply that the doors that she had to open were slamming shut: employers didn't want to hire unwed mothers, landlords didn't want to rent to them, families turned them away.

    Maybe some mothers got help from charitable groups, but it sounds like it was more likely that the charitable world agreed that the best thing was for the baby to be adopted.

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